There are hundreds of ways you can improve your office communications, and today we’ll talk about some of the most efficient ones:

1. Upgrade your audio-visual gear

The AV equipment is absolutely mandatory for proper office communications simply because there’s a limit to what you can achieve (and to what your employees can interpret) the old fashioned ‘show and tell’ way. 

While hosting a meeting, a number of people will not be able to hear or see you speak. The same can be said for meetings you have with your clients. Upgrading your AV gear will give your office a drastic boost in terms of communication.

2. Introduce a feedback platform

Let’s face it, most employees won’t say a thing about the things they dislike about their workplace out of fear of losing their position. Even if you are absolutely certain that you’ve done everything right to keep everyone satisfied (which is often impossible), there should always be room for improvement.

Rather than leading your team with an iron fist, open up a little by introducing a feedback platform (preferably anonymous) where your employees can give out their critiques upon which you can build up more efficient changes in the HR management. 

3. Listen to the needs of your team

One of the prime reasons why you’ve welcomed your employees should be their proficiency in what they do. Even though you are doing your best to organize projects and distribute the workload, some of your crew members might have a bit more effective way to do certain things.

By listening to your team more you will get to know them a little better which will gradually build up a healthier relationship and improved communication between you. 

4. Team building exercises and events

The easiest way to be creative when it comes to improving your office communication is by hosting team building events. Not only are these events fun, but they also tend to build up long-time bonds between employees and team leaders. 

You can be as creative as you like when organizing these events and exercises, or you can assign some of your trusted employees to do it for you. It can be a trip to the zoo, going out for drinks after work, having dinner, a picnic, you name it. 

5. Prepare speeches beforehand 

Although some would argue that giving out speeches during business meetings is a bit of a cliché, these go a long way as your employees look up to you. They will hear you out as you’re giving out orders, but it wouldn’t hurt to try to lift their spirits with a well-thought speech. 

Office communications don’t necessarily revolve around ‘How’s it going?’ and ‘Do this and that’. Speeches, especially during certain events, like for example when some of the employees have their birthday, will allow you to be a bit closer to your work staff. Again, you can be as creative as you like, but even a short, concise speech can help you out immensely.